Loft conversion ideas

The idea of converting a loft is certainly appealing, but it's important to think about what use you might want to put the extra space to as this will influence the type of loft conversion you have.

There's no point in, say, spending more money on a major loft conversion that might involve extra structural work involving steel beams and more if your needs are more basic. For example, if you just need a simple strorage space with a bit more light, then a Velux conversion where one or more of these roof windows are installed might be all you need.

On the other hand, a space you might want to use frequently such as the creation of a home office will need a more comprehensive loft conversion. You'll be considering ease of access and much more.

Some ideas

The 'den' - sometimes these are created in properties with a basement. A loft conversion is one way of creating a relaxing space with perhaps a couple of comfy sofas, large screen TV and stereo. A variation on this might be a playroom for young children.

Home office - a popular way of making the most of unused space, especially if a home business has outgrown the dining room table, or the spare room currently being used is now needed for a new arrival.

Studio - being able to naturally light a loft with roof windows and have a space that is somewhat 'remote' from the rest of the house is popular with those where concentration and privacy is a help. People such as artists find a loft space convenient and beneficial for their work.

Spare room - if you've run out of bedrooms, then a loft converted to a bedroom is another popular choice.

Storage - while a standard loft is often used to store items, a loft conversion for storage might be used to store items that are required for easy access. For example, people running a home-based business involving holding stock that needs to be easily accessible, or those requiring regular access to paper records, might consider a loft conversion for 'ease of access storage.'

Bathroom/shower room - a popular way of achieving the convenience of a second bathroom, or maybe making it the primary bathroom and re-purposing the space where your existing one is. Maybe you just want a shower room? Modern loft conversion techniques open up various bathroom possibilities.

Plan and think carefully

So careful thought of why you wish to convert your loft is vital. Once you've decided on this, the next step is to make sure your loft space can be converted and will be appropriate for this type of use. Can easy access be achieved? Will extra structural strengthening be required? If so, is it possible?

You'd need an experienced expert to help with this, of course, so we'd be very pleased to advise and help where we can. Call on 023 9383 8191 to discuss your loft conversion possibilities.

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