Loft conversion FAQ's

If you're thinking about having a loft conversion, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with information and concerned that you've considered all the angles.

The questions below are common ones our loft conversion customers ask, and we hope they'll help you. If you'd like to discuss your particular requirements and see what sort of costs are involved, then get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

What will it cost?

The short answer is: it can vary widely. The important thing is to make sure ALL the costs are factored in so you're not left with nasty surprises. Along with the work itself - which a reputable firm should be prepared to provide a full and inclusive quotation for - there are other costs that might apply. Examples include:

  • Party wall legal agreements
  • Planning and surveyor costs
  • Other contractor costs (e.g. plumbers, tilers, electricians and so on)

Also, costs will vary depending on how much work your loft contractor does. Will they be completing the whole job including all the plumbing, plastering, tiling and so on? Will they organise the skip hire including obtaining any necessary permissions and permits?

Do I need planning permission?

Not necessarily but don't take a chance. Submit plans to your local authority and check the latest rules and regulations on the government's planning portal website. The company handling your loft conversion should help with this.

What about building regulations?

Yes, you'll need to make sure your proposed loft conversion meets certain standards of construction. Again, you'll need to submit your plans to your local authority - your loft conversion company should be prepared to help with this as we do for our customers.

What is a party wall agreement?

It's basically an agreement with your neighbours in the event your property shares a wall with theirs such as in a semi detached or terraced property.

There have been cases of neighbours agreeing on party wall arrangements informally, but we'd strongly advise you to have a proper legal agreement drawn up. Most solicitors are more than familiar with the procedure.

Can I do it myself?

Unless you're a fully experienced builder it's unlikely, although certain tasks can be done by competent people such as tiling. That said, think carefully before taking gone even 'finishing off' and detailed work such as tiling or decorating and don't overestimate your abilities.

Does the loft conversion company handle everything?

Some do, some don't. Either way make sure you check exactly what your firm will or won't do. Some full service builders and loft conversion experts like ourselves will handle just about all the work including:

  • Overseeing planning and building regulation submissions and procedures
  • Organising skip hire
  • Organising scaffolding
  • The full undertaking of the loft conversion work
  • Organising and engaging the services of other contractors such as electricians and plumbers
  • Full clearing up at the conclusion of the work

Need to know more?

Of course you may have a question not answered above or would like more details on what's been covered. If so, get in touch with your local loft conversion experts in Portsmouth.

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